Welcome to the INSPIRE geoportal

The INSPIRE Directive requires the Commission to establish a community geo-portal and the Member States shall provide access to their infrastructures through the geo-portal as well as through any access points they themselves decide to operate.


Current status

With the recent  deadline of November 2011 for Member States to provide discovery and view services according to the INSPIRE Regulation on Network Services, a first release of the INSPIRE Geoportal was published.

The INSPIRE geoportal provides the means to search for spatial data sets and spatial data services, and subject to access restrictions, to view spatial data sets from the EU Member States within the framework of the INSPIRE Directive. 

What happens next?

Additional functionalities are foreseen in subsequent releases while at the same time the operational INSPIRE geo-portal procured to an external company, Planetek,  is under development.

Discovery / Viewer

Search, discover and access geographic information provided by European governmental, commercial, and non-commercial organizations.

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Resource Browser

Technical insight into resource metadata

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The purpose of the INSPIRE Evaluator is to evaluate the interoperability of INSPIRE resources with respect to the INSPIRE Regulations and Technical Guidance Documents.

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Metadata Editor

Create metadata according to the INSPIRE implementing rules.

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