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    Elements relevant to the INSPIRE Metadata Regulation

      Resource Type

      Declared Conformity

      Spatial Data Themes Annex

      Spatial Data Themes


      Spatial Data Service Types

      Service Categories

      Resource Languages

      Metadata Languages

      Responsible Organisations

      Responsible Organisations Emails

      Metadata Point Of Contact Organisations

      Metadata Point Of Contact Organisations Emails

      Conditions for Access and Use

      Limitations on Public Access

       Remote metadata identifiers

    Elements relevant to the INSPIRE Network Services Regulation

      Network Service Implementation Specification

      Spatial Object Type

      Spatial Object Schema

      Protected Site Classification

      Protected Site Designation Scheme

      Protected Site Designation


    Non-normative classifications derived with automatic algorithms

      Geoportal Resource Types

       Verified Interoperability Aspects

       Missing Interoperability Aspects

      Spatial Data Coverage

      Spatial Data Encoding

      Error counts

      Warning counts