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This application may be used by INSPIRE data and service providers to emulate the checks executed by the INSPIRE geoportal during its harvesting process. It will report potential issues that are identified during harvesting, when the geoportal is extracting and enriching the information found in the resource in order to present them in a useful and usable fashion. It can therefore help data and service providers to improve the way their implementations are made available in the INSPIRE geoportal.

This application can also be used via a Web Service (instructions available here).

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DISCLAIMER: This service is used in the context of the INSPIRE Geoportal to evaluate the resources discovered through the Member State Discovery Services. It is provided as is and it cannot be considered a full INSPIRE compliance test.

For checking compliance with the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines, only the INSPIRE reference validator should be used. The INSPIRE reference validator is based on the Abstract Test Suites agreed by the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group (MIG).

If you discover inconsistencies between the checks performed by the INSPIRE Geoportal and the results of the reference validator, please report them here.