INSPIRE Geoportal Metadata Validator

Purpose and scope

The purpose of the INSPIRE Geoportal Metadata Validator is to test the compliance of metadata of spatial data sets and services with the Metadata Technical Guidance

In addition the validator can test the compliance of metadata for Network Services (Discovery, View, Download) with the relevant Technical Guidance documents

How does the validator work

It is possible to validate a metadata document in one of the following ways:

press the button.

Currently supported inputs

A note about the assessment of validity against XML schemas

A validation against the XML schemas for the standards listed above is performed prior to the INSPIRE specific checking.

A failure in the validation against the XML Schemas does not stop the validation process. However, reading data from an inconsistent XML document is not recommended and validation results might be inaccurate, wrong or even meaningless.

A note on INSPIRE Spatial Data Themes

The current version of the INSPIRE Geoportal Metadata Validator checks, for datasets and series, if at least one of the keywords is an INSPIRE Spatial Data Theme (as defined in Annex I, II and III of the Directive), and it is originated from the general environmental multilingual thesaurus (GEMET). This validation rule is case sensitive and supports all official translations of the INSPIRE Spatial Data Themes. For details about INSPIRE spatial themes in GEMET please consult the GEMET Thesaurus.


This service is used in the context of the INSPIRE Geoportal to perform validation of the metadata of resources discovered through the Member State Discovery Services. It is provided as is and it is not to be considered a full INSPIRE compliance test. While we have tried to ensure compliance with the INSPIRE Regulations and the relevant Technical Guidance documents we do recognise that there may still be issues that will need to be addressed. We would appreciate if you could report to us any issue you find with this validator so that we can improve it.