Harvest Console



The following guide is using examples and screenshots that have been selected randomly, without any criteria.


The INSPIRE Geoportal Harvest Console is the application where the registered National Contact Points of an INSPIRE Metadata Catalogue can easily manage the harvest sessions of its own National Discovery services.

The included functionalities are listed below:

  • Schedule a new harvest of the metadata.
  • Review the results of the harvest process using a simple user interface (including a sandbox of the INSPIRE Geoportal to check the harvested data);
  • Request support related to a specific harvesting session.
  • Publish the harvested data on the INSPIRE Geoportal.

This guide helps you to understand each functionality of the system so that you can easily start using it to manage your data in a simple way.

Requesting the access

The INSPIRE Geoportal Harvest Console is protected by the EU Login authentication system. In order to access the application, the discovery service contact point needs to be added to the list of granted users.

This process starts with the identification of your EU Login ID. The following steps will guide you to the requested information.

1 - Access the EU Login page (https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/cas/login)

2 - Login with your credential (or create a new account in case you do not have one).

3 - Enter in your account's page (on the top right you will find the menu if you pass over your name with the mouse).

4 - In "My Account" page select the "My account details" link.

My account details link

5 - In "My account detail" page, you can find the "Unique identifier at the Commission (uid)" field to be copied (please copy also the "Username" if they are different).


6 - Once you have you login ID send it, with the reference to the Discovery Service you are responsible for, to JRC-INSPIRE-SUPPORT@ec.europa.eu

Using the application

This guide will help you understanding all the functionalities provided by the Geoportal Harvest Console application. If you do not yet requested the access, you can find the steps at the related chapter.

Login to the application

Click on the "Sign in" menu item on the top-right side (gray menu). You will be redirected to the EU Login service. Insert your credential and perform the sign-in.

Sign in page

Harvest Console home page

The home page of the application is presenting the list of available Discovery Services. In this table the following information can be found.

  • The name of the Country related to the Discovery Service.
  • The name of the Discovery Service endpoint.
  • The name of the responsible organization.
  • The date of the last successful harvest.
  • The actions available (reference to the available actions for each status).
  • The current Status of the harvest.

The Harvest Console application can perform different actions, depending on the current status of the Discovery Service. A table indicating all the action available for the related status is provided below.

Status Description Related action
Ready The system is ready and waiting for an harvest job to be scheduled. No harvest Job has been scheduled yet. Schedule a new harvest: the user can schedule a new harvest just by clicking on the button.

The system is taking care of your request (e.g. it is putting your harvest job in the queue).

Once the request has been accepted by the system, the status will be updated.

No actions available
Scheduled The system has scheduled your request. An estimation of the start time is provided. Please note that the time and date provided are based on an automatic estimation. The calculation is based on previous elapsed times. The estimation provided is purely indicative and may not be realistic. No actions available
Running The system is running the harvesting job No actions available
Pending publication

The harvesting job has been completed. The user can check the report and decide to publish the harvested data or to wait.

In case of issues related to the current harvested data, a new harvest can be scheduled also without publishing the current one. In this case the current harvest will be overwritten.

Check and publish: this functionality will display the result of the harvesting job and let the user publish them in the INSPIRE Geoportal front-end.

In this page there is the possibility to check the eventual issues and compare the last completed harvest with the one currently published in the INSPIRE Geoportal front-end. 

The result page allows also to open a issue with the reference to the last completed harvest in the INSPIRE Geoportal Help-desk.

Schedule a new harvest: in case the last completed harvest has some issue, and it is not ready to be published, a new harvest can be started. In this case, the data will be overwritten.
Error A generic error has occurred on the system. If the system is in this state, the user has to contact us.  No actions available

Initiating an harvest

When the system is in status "ready" or "pending publication", the button "Schedule a new harvest" is available. By clicking on that button, a dialog window will open.

The user has an overview of the Jobs currently running and the ones in queue. Once the Job is scheduled, the user will also get an estimation of the job start in the main table.

The dialog has also the optional field to specify the expected resources count. If this field is filled, the harvest job will stop any actions in case the expected number doesn't match the actual count of retrieved resources.

To schedule the harvesting job, the user just need to press the "Proceed" button.

Schedule a new harvest dialog

Once the "Proceed" button has been clicked, the system is handling the request. The dialog will automatically close when the request has been retrieved by the harvesting system.

The table will then show the "Processing" status until the system has completed the scheduling operations.

Processing status

After that, you will see the "Scheduled" status, including an estimation of the starting time.

Scheduled status

When the harvesting job starts, the status is changed to "Running" and an estimation of the end date is provided.

Running status

Once the harvesting job ends, the status of the entry changes to "Pending approval". At this point the report of the harvesting can be checked and eventually published by clicking on the button "Check and publish".

At this point there is also the possibility to "Schedule a new harvest" without publishing the current one (e.g. in case of issues found). In this case the current harvest will be overwritten without being published to the INSPIRE Geoportal Front-end.

Pending pubblication

Checking the results

Clicking on the button"Check and publish", the "Harvest report" page will be opened.

Harvesting report page

The first available report is the comparison between the number of resources (subdivided in metadata, downloadable, viewable) of the last harvested data and the one in the INSPIRE Geoportal front-end.

This comparison is showing an overall picture of the last harvested data (on the first row), then (on the second row) the results filtered by "Priority data set".

In case the number of the current harvested data is below the number of the last successful harvest, a red icon is shown as warning.

Overview of the harvest session

Under the overview boxes there is a table showing metadata records with missing Download Service and relative link and/or missing View service. For each row, there is also a link to check the complete report generated by the system.

The meaning of the 3 aspects are explained in detail below:

View service: for the data-set, the INSPIRE Geoportal was able to identify at least one View Service declaring a Layer portraying the data-set.

Download service: for the data-set, the INSPIRE Geoportal was able to identify at least one Download Service declaring to serve the data-set.

Download link: for the data-set, the INSPIRE Geoportal was able to determine at least one link for obtaining the data-set from the identified Download Service.

The table has also an "export" functionality to copy the data shown on the table, to save them as "Excel" file or  "PDF" file or to print them. Note that only the data visible on the current page of the table will be exported. If you want to export more data to the file, you can change the "Show x entries" table configuration available at the end of the table (e.g. you can put 50 items per page instead of the default of 10).

Resource linkage issue missing

Publish to the INSPIRE Geoportal Front-end

At the bottom of the "Harvest result" page, there is the "Publish" button. This action will publish the current data to the INSPIRE Geoportal Front-end.

While you are checking the report from the last report, it may happen that you do not want to publish immediately the data (e.g. you may want to check them more in detail or you want to re-harvest them). If you choose not to publish them, (using the button "Do not publish yet") the data will remain available. The harvested data will be overwritten only if a new harvest is performed.

The suggestion is to publish data even if they are not completely perfect. In this way they will become available in the INSPIRE Geoportal Front-end. You can always run another harvest to fix the remaining data and publish them again in the Front-end.

An additional functionality to ask a question to the INSPIRE Geoportal Help-desk is available on the left side of the screen. Using this functionality, an issue with the details of the current harvest is opened on the INSPIRE Geoportal Help-desk platform.

Publish data bar