INSPIRE Monitoring and Reporting 2020

Proposed Testing period

The new version of the INSPIRE Geoportal including the new features for the Monitoring and Reporting (M&R) 2020 will be released on the 16th of September.

On the same date, a testing period will start and will last until the 23rd of October.

During this testing period, all interested INSPIRE stakeholders (e.g. from data providers and other implementers) can test the software, provide feedback, ask questions and report eventual bugs through the Geoportal Helpdesk. The INSPIRE Geoportal team will be available to answer questions and correct the bugs reported within this period.

After this period, the bugs reported in the September release will be fixed and the final version used for the M&R 2020 activities, which will start on the 15th of December 2020, will be released by the 15th of November. Please note that only bugs reported during the testing period will be fixed, while generic change proposals will not be addressed.

Before 16th of September Between 16th of September and 23rd of October After 23rd of October Before 15th of November
Development and release of the new version of the Geoportal by the Geoportal Team. Testing period where INSPIRE stakeholders can provide feedback and report bugs using the Geoportal Helpdesk. Development of bug fixes for the bug reports received. No additional requests for change addressed after this date. Release of the version of the Geoportal to be used for the M&R 2020 activities.